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Award winner built 1/35 Academy IDF M60A1 Blazer+Detail

Award winner built 1/35 Academy IDF M60A1 Blazer+Detail

Award winner built 1/35 Academy IDF M60A1 Blazer+Detail    Award winner built 1/35 Academy IDF M60A1 Blazer+Detail
Award winner built and painted with real life weathering. Unique IDF Blazer Version with reactive armor. Desert color scheme with accurate decals and unit markings. Top building quality with outstanding details throughout whole model and very high standard accuracy on every individual part. Add Tracks with road wheel detail. Rotating turret and gun elevation. Add on vehicle tools and more add on details. Very high standard moulding with sublime details over all. Superb accurate on each small parts. Reactive armor with great rivets details.

Rotating turret with many add on details and gun elevation Turret features some nice details including more weld seams, casting texture panels, rivets and other surface details. Machine gun is better detailed. The highly detailed main gun barrel gets a superbly detailed mantlet.

The upper hull with plenty of fine detail including weld marks and more. The lower hull realistically reproduced features some nice details such as suspension, axles, rollers separate for good detail definition.

Finely detailed deck surface and engine grille reproducing. The road / idler wheels and drive sprockets have detail on both sides with great tooth ring details. Lifelike track links with crisply details and right sagging finish. Add double machine gun, carton box, jerry can, on vehicle tools, tow cable and more accessories. Buffing and polishing to remove mold seam.

Base color with primer and putty for better surface detail. Airbrushed and painted with multicolor. Add clear paint for good finishing on decal applying. Washing to enhance the surface detail increase the appearance of depth including panels, doors, hatches, rivets, bolt head and more.

Dry brushing to emphasis and highlighting texture with edge for good wear, tear and fading. Multi-color filters for blend color effects. Add non glossy paint for better finishing. Great detail paint job on rust and paint chips off with scratches, worn and bare metal realistic simulating, flow rust and rain streaks effects, grease with staining appearing, engine smoking and muffler burned representing. Also smear and dirt with dust and real mud and more on real life weathering.

Final protective layer for long term collection. The M60A1 was the principal production model from 1963 to 1980 with the British-designed L7 105mm rifled gun with thermal sleeve and fume extractor (63 rounds). Other than the new turret design, little was done to the basic M60 chassis excepting minor changes in hull fittings.

The new variant, under the designation M60A1, was able to be placed in production relatively quickly, and without serious problems. The first M60A1s were issued to regular army units during the spring of 1962, less than 2 years after the first M60s. Following introduction of the M60A1 into American service, it was supplied to U. Allies, including Austria, Iran, Israel, Jordan and Italy. The M-60A1 had a redesigned wedge-shaped turret with better ballistic protection, and a new mount for the M68 105mm main gun. Early vehicles had no gun stabilization system, but later this was retrofitted, and by the mid-70s most were so equipped. This vehicle became the mainstay of the US Army`s tank force through the 1960s and into the early 70s. The M68 105mm gun in the M60 tank is a modified British L7 weapon, utilizing an American vertical sliding breech block. This same weapon was also used in the M1 Abrams tank, before it was swapped for a new 120mm gun in the M1A1/A2. Weighing 58 tons (52,617 kg) and with a crew of four -- commander, gunner, loader, and driver -- the M60A1 has as its main armament a 105mm gun. The M60 turret is organized in typical American fashion, with the gunner on the right, the commander directly behind him, and the loader on the left and rear of the 105mm gun. The turret interior is roomy in comparison to most other main battle tanks of the 1960s era.

The ultimate development of the M-60A1 was the M-60A1 RISE Passive (RISE= Reliability Improved Selected Equipment). These were rebuilt M-60a1s, with added passive "starlight" imagers for the driver, gunner and commander.

Other improvements included the AVDS-1790-2C RISE engine which helped to boost engine power. Also added were a battery of smoke dischargers on either side of the turret, much in the fashion of the Chieftain tank.

Some models were retrofitted locally, and the control cable ran up the side of the turret, protected by small strips of thin armor plate, and then entered the turret near the searchlight mount. Those rebuilt at higher echelon depots had holes for the cables bored directly through the armor on the side. These vehicles were quickly supplied to frontline units overseas, such as in Germany, being deployed by early 1979. These vehicles went to 3rd AD and needed additional work afterwards to repair. Going into Desert Shield, the Marines` main battle tank was the M6OA1, an improvement, several generations removed, of the M48 tank of the Korean and Vietnam wars.

Retrofitted with applique armor, it is considered roughly equal to, if lesser-gunned than the best tank in the Iraqi inventory, the much-vaunted Soviet T-72. During Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm the 1st Marine Expeditionary Force fielded 210 M60A1s to support the Saudi-Marine effort into Kuwait City. The Marine Corps fielded the M1A1 Common Tank to replace the aging M60A1 Rise/Passive tank. The M60 has reached the end of its service life and lacks the capability to survive and to defeat the threats expected to be encountered on the modern battlefield.

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  1. Brand: Academy
  2. MPN: Does not apply
  3. Scale: 1:35
  4. Type: Armor
  5. Material: PE / metal

Award winner built 1/35 Academy IDF M60A1 Blazer+Detail    Award winner built 1/35 Academy IDF M60A1 Blazer+Detail